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As this website is quite comprehensive and I wish to concentrate on one of my other sites, I will only be adding major finds to this site. Updates will therefore be much rarer.

29 December 2016
For my last entry for 2016 I present four Beck covers. Two are very rare ASTP covers B998 and B999 postmarked for the link-up on the 17 July at Houston and KSC respectively. Note that they are addressed to Lester E. Winick. The other two, thanks to Gerard Zonneveld, are previously unknown covers from Apollo 7; B760 and B762 with KSC postmarks.

23 September 2016
Added USS Ponchatoula and USS Renshaw Beck Crew covers to Beck Error, Crew and Unusual Covers.

14 September 2016
Added a previously unknown Beck B758 cover from the USNS Vanguard to Beck Covers. A second cover has also been found. Added an unusual USS Essex cover with a black TF-140 cachet to Apollo 7.

11 August 2016
Caution -
Recently a cover was sold on eBay which appeared to be from the squirrel monkey Goliath's mission on 10 November 1961. However the cover was from the USS Skipjack, a submarine, which was almost certainly not involved in the mission. It had a USS LAke Champlain postmark as submarines do not have a post office. This is considered a commemorative cover and , in my opinion, only worth a fraction of the $135.50 paid for it.

10 August 2016
A very nice and rare USS Fort Snelling cover from the Gemini MOL mission was sold on eBay for $81.15 with bids from 5 eager bidders.

7 August 2016
Added a very rare cover to Apollo 15. A Beck B873 USS Okinawa cover with two different postmarks! Note that while each has the ship's name at the top the AM is quite different. While each of these are seen on individual covers, this is the first I've seen with them both on the same cover. A second has been seen by Owen Murray.

1 July 2016
Added three interesting covers. The first is a very unusual Apollo 15 Crew signed 'Captain's Cover' but postmarked 15 years later at Houston with an additional  '15 years since Apollo 15' cachet. It sold on eBay for $225.50. Next, only the second reported USS Davis cover from MA-5 was sold on eBay for $223.50. Finally a possibly one-of-a-kind Apollo 11 Beck B804 cover with a USS Hornet postmark instead of the usual USS Goldsborough. It sold on eBay for 152.50!

20 April 2016
Added a first ever seen Apollo 13 USS Kawiskiwi Beck Crew cover to Beck Covers thanks to Gerard Zonneveld.

6 April 2016
Added a first ever seen Beck B801 cover with a USS Golsborough postmark to Beck Covers. Added a USS Fort Snelling cover with a Bob Whitney cachet to MOL covers. Both thanks to Tom Steiner.

5 April 2016
Added a Beck B317 cover with a USS Kearsarge postmark to Beck Covers. It sold on eBay for $99 with 4 enthaustic bidders. Also keep an eye on the Stamps page as I often add to it.

3 April 2016
Added a major new Beck B999 to ASTP. Unlike the more common variety the latest find is missing the red ASTP in the upper left of the cachet.

1 February 2016
Added a very rare MA-6 USS Noa cover to Recently Sold Interesting Covers.

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